Cabo San Lucas

LENGTH: 32′ 10″ WIDTH: 14′ 1″ DEPTH: 4′ 7″

Our largest Rectangular Fiberglass Swimming Pool with a Great Amount of Space is Making Your House Standout!!

Cabo San Lucas is 32 feet rectangular fibreglass inground swimming pool with a beautifully spacious design making your house stand out. Bali offers great space for adventure, fun, and relaxation. This fibreglass pool is excellent for families and friends, keeping children nearby like a magnet. This fibreglass pool will bring a lot of fun and great moments to your family, making your house more fun and charming than any other house.

Dimensions: 32′ 10″ x 14′ 1″
Depth: 4′ 7″
Volume: 42700.0 L

Full Width Bench Seating
Entry & Exit Steps
Flat Bottom Pool

15-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Rectangular Fiberglass Swimming Pools Collection.