Costa Esmeralda

LENGTH: 32′ 10″ WIDTH: 14′ 1″ DEPTH: 4′ 7″

A Popular Large Rectangular Fiberglass Swimming Pool with Tanning Ledge !!

Costa Esmeralda is a highly popular 33 feet rectangular fiberglass inground swimming pool with Water Line Tiles and Tanning Ledge. Costa Esmeralda offers great space for adventure, fun, and relaxation. This fiberglass pool is excellent for families and friends, keeping children close by like a magnet. This fiberglass pool will bring a lot of fun and great moments to your family, making your house more fun and charming than any other house.

Dimensions: 26′ 3″ x 13′ 1″
Depth: 4′ 7″
Volume: 29200.0 L

Full Width Bench Seating
Entry & Exit Steps
Flat Bottom Pool

15-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Mosaic with Tanning Ledge Collection