LENGTH: 23′ WIDTH: 11′ 6″ DEPTH: 4′ 7″

A Highly Popular Rectangular Fiberglass Swimming Pool Perfect for Your Home!!

Cozumel is a 23 feet highly popular rectangular inground fiberglass swimming pool. It is beautifully designed so that every inch of the pool is usable. It is great for family reunions, parties, relaxation, workouts, and keeping kids active at home. This medium-sized fiberglass swimming pool will bring a lot of joy to your family, turning your home into the dream vacation.

Dimensions: 23′ x 11′ 6″
Depth: 4′ 7″
Volume: 23900.0 L

Full Width Bench Seating
Entry & Exit Steps
Flat Bottom Pool

15-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Rectangular Fiberglass Swimming Pools Collection.