LENGTH: 13′ 1″ WIDTH: 9′ 10″ DEPTH: 3′ 3″

A Mosaic Fiberglass Swimming Pool with Tanning Area and Infinity Edge!!

Nassau is a unique 13 feet fiberglass swimming pool with a stunning infinity edge, tanning ledge, and premium porcelain waterline tiles. The tanning area and infinity edge make this swimming pool more attractive, valuable, and unique. The infinity-edge reflects the landscape in the water and ensures lightness and refinement to the environment, making it great for modern projects.

Dimensions: 13′ 1″ x 9′ 10″
Depth: 3′ 3″
Volume: 5500.0 L

Waterline Porcelain Tile
Tanning Area
Infinity Edge
Bench Seating
Entry & Exit Steps

15-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Mosaic Fiberglass Pool with Tanning Area and Infinity Edge​